Last updated November 22nd, 2020

Our service is nearly perfect out-of-the-box for many different scenarios, and some additional features are available for large sessions and enterprise packages. In the first few months we've been operating, we have hosted:

  • summer research program internship results
  • departmental graduate and undergraduate research symposia
  • pharma- and defense-related industry events
  • medical symposia for both research and clinical practice
  • grantee (federal and private) and consortium meetings

As we've hosted these events, a number of questions have come up, so we've gathered our responses here and hope to keep this list up-to-date! If you have any questions not on this list, please contact us!

Poster Content

Do you have any resources for how to create posters specific to the virtual format?

Yes! Although many things can be very similar to in-person poster sessions, some things do not translate well to the online format. In particular, QR codes and other "scannable" image should be replaced by the links directly. We have compiled a short User Guide [PDF] with some tips on software tools, how to export your poster to PDF, and other pointers.

I have unpublished, sensitive, high-security, or other proprietary information in my poster! Is there any way to block people from downloading or taking pictures of my poster?

Unfortunately, even if there were feasible technical means to block PDF downloads or otherwise protect posters, there's really no way to stop someone from taking a camera out and snapping a photo of the screen! The best option (other than delaying your presentation), is to add a placeholder box to your poster (e.g. a simple gray box where your image/table would be). Then, when you have your video chat to present the poster you can show the figure/table live.

Can my poster have multiple pages?

For the best experience, we highly recommend a single page so that visitors can clearly see all of your content. However, if you would like to use a PDF with multiple pages (such as a slide show), the system will automatically create a 3x3 grid preview showing the first 9 pages. Due to size constraints the grid preview is often difficult to read or interpret when browsing a large list of posters in a session.

Poster Sessions

How quickly can I get my session up and running?

Most of the features on the site are live and self-service, so if you have all of your content ready to go already, you can be up and running in just a few minutes! Custom subdomains can be configured in as little as 5 minutes, and most PDF uploads only take a few seconds. Some pro/enterprise features such as custom DNS, banner images, renaming/restricting display fields, etc. will require up to 48h to implement (email support and we can give you an accurate timeline).

Can I use a University Card to pay? Is there a way to share payment details with another person?

Of course, we support all major credit cards! Click on "Share this page with your purchasing department" at the top of the purchase page to copy a link to email to the relevant person at your institution. A receipt will automatically be sent to the registered email address, but if you do not receive it feel free to email support for a copy.

I'm not sure how many posters I'll need! Can I add more later?

No problem! Buy only the number of packages you're sure you'll need, and if at some point later you need to add more it's easy. Go to the "Publish" page and scroll to the bottom to find the "Add Posters" button.

Troubleshooting and General Questions

Help! I can't access any of the poster PDFs?

In most cases, you can simply hold down the <shift> key when you click on the poster image to force the PDF to download instead of display in the page. Most frequently we see 403 forbidden issues when people have disabled the built-in PDF viewer in Chrome (or another web browser). If you use Chrome and may have enabled this option (it is off by default), then search the internet for how to toggle the option "Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome"

Do you respect your users' privacy and security?

We keep typical web server logs in order to protect against abuse, but we do not use trackers or analytics to track visitors, or share information with other services. We only send information to third party services to: 1) Detect bots at registration (hCaptcha), 2) Securely process payments (Stripe), and send emails for registration and system notifications (Amazon SES). All of our pages and content are served over HTTPS, and we do not store or even allow passwords for authentication purposes.

If you would like your name, email, or other information removed from the service, simply email support from the address in question with your request and we will respond promptly (in compliance with EU GDPR, CCPA, etc).

Where are you located?

We are a US-based business, located in North Carolina. Our servers are hosted in US-based AWS datacenters, and content can be served from AWS CloudFront which may cache files at locations around the world. We can implement geolocation and country restrictions for your enterprise compliance needs with enough lead time.

Why did you make this?

Originally, we were frustrated and sad to miss out on all the cancelled conferences. Conference/workshop Poster Sessions are huge avenues to learning about what's new and sharing in our own work. As the situation persisted, we realized that there are a LOT of people that really need easy ways to share online. As we looked for options, we realize many of them were overcomplicated, gimmicky, and difficult to use (both as an organizer and a presenter). Our early idea had so much interest we built the service you see today!

Why do you collect email addresses?

We need an email address to protect against spam uploads, and it allows both session organizers and presenters to edit or remove their own content later. We do not sell addresses, and will only send you emails about your poster sessions.

What's in it for you?

Altruistically, we hope that academic progress doesn't stagnate because of extended quarantine and stay-at-home orders, especially when modern technology and video chat tools already exist. We also hope you'll check out the application we're building to provide project and people management tools specifically for academic research teams. Even before COVID-19 we thought it would be useful, but we find it is increasingly relevant for remote working with students!